Getting access to the model

The CSIRO Mk3L climate system model is freely available to the research community. To gain access to the model distribution, complete the online application form here.

Standard reference papers

Phipps, S. J., L. D. Rotstayn, H. B. Gordon, J. L. Roberts, A. C. Hirst and W. F. Budd: The CSIRO Mk3L climate system model version 1.0 - Part 1: Description and evaluation, Geoscientific Model Development, 4, 483-509, doi:10.5194/gmd-4-483-2011, 2011.
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Other model description and evaluation publications

Mao, J., S. J. Phipps, A. J. Pitman, Y. P. Wang, G. Abramowitz and B. Pak: The CSIRO Mk3L climate system model v1.0 coupled to the CABLE land surface scheme v1.4b: evaluation of the control climatology, Geoscientific Model Development, 4, 1115-1131, doi:10.5194/gmd-4-1115-2011, 2011.
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Phipps, S. J.: The CSIRO Mk3L Climate System Model, Technical Report No. 3, Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems CRC, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, 236pp., ISBN 1-921197-03-X, 2006.

Special issue of Geoscientific Model Development

Geoscientific Model Development:   The CSIRO Mk3L climate system model
Geoscientific Model Development Discussions:   The CSIRO Mk3L climate system model

Other publications featuring Mk3L

Submitted - in review - in revision

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Accepted - in press - published online

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